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Always do your own research and write an investment theses that explains why to invest, before making an investment decision into CALTX.ST. Analyse the quality of the company, it's fair value, and the current market price to make a decision  based on risks and the estimated return.

Don't rush, researching and selecting quality companies takes time.

Alphaboard supports investor's in the research and selection process. Our tools are aimed to improve investment discipline, and share knowledge with peers.

3 steps to get started:
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  2. Add CALTX.ST to your portfolio.
  3. You're ready to explore the platform.

Alphaboard's mission is to stimulate sharing and learning for our investor community as we believe this improves investment returns. We recommend to publish your research to get feedback from peers. But keep in mind that each investment decision is your own decision and your own responsibility.

CALTX.ST notes and events are private and not shared with others.