Tesla, Inc.

Consumer Cyclical


  • Sell by Alpha (18/06/2024)
    • 125.00 -49.70% by 13/02/2025

    Tesla is a BEV car company that is loosing its early competitive advantage to Chinese producers and traditional car makers. USP and pricing power deteriorate(d). Chinese brands are gaining market share in China and Europe. In addition the overall BEV market is expected to have head-winds in 2024.

    CEO Elon Musk announced that growth is at risk and even asked for protective tariffs in the US. Besides the Tesla's challenges, Elon Musk has other things on his mind. In the way the Tesla is managed the company is not investable.

    Tesla is over-valued at 40x PE. I expect a further correction towards Dec'22 low of $125 as more institutional investors will close their positions.