• Buy by Jocke (26/04/2024)

    Softronic AB provides a wide selection of IT and management services in Sweden. The company offers E-commerce platform, insurance systems, digitalization, E-health, digital sales platform, scanning, modern outsourcing, managed services, cyber defense as services and customer care system.

    The last quarter was wake with only 3,3% growth, but I expect that the consultant market will start go improve after summer. P/E is current 13,8 and that is historically low

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    • 2022 the P/E was 16,7 with 1,4% growth and 8,6% profit margin

      Q1 2024 the P/E is 13,8 with 3,3% growth and 9,8% profit margin

      So if Softronic can show that they are in track again + P/E expansion I think we can reach 28 SEK

      26/04/2024 by JOCKE