Rana Gruber ASA

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  • Short-list by Jocke (02/04/2024)

    Rana Gruber ASA is a sustainable iron ore producer in Norway. It is engaged in the excavation, processing and sale of iron oxide in the form of hematite, magnetite and iron oxide pigments. Hematite is used for iron and steel production in smelters in Europe and magnetite is used in industrial water purification processes. Iron ore production takes place at the group's iron ore deposits at Ortfjell as open pit production and underground mining. It produces and sells iron ore concentrate and primarily serves steel producers and participants in the chemical industry. The majority of revenue from contracts with customers is derived from sales of hematite products.

    P/E 5,86, (increase from 4,1 2021)
    P/E* -
    P/B 3,21
    P/S 1,50
    Utdelning/aktie 4,27 NOK
    EPS 13,21 NOK
    Direktavkastning 5,52%
    EPS tillväxt* -

    The P/E has increased but it has a high ranking according to the magic formula (place 60) and I think it can be interesting to follow the progress